The following terms and conditions apply to all users of the Iceworld Olympic Ice Rink venues, and the programs and events that are delivered at the Iceworld Olympic Ice Rink venues. By entering any Iceworld Olympic Ice Rink venue, you are deemed to have agreed to these terms and conditions with Ice Skating Queensland Inc., trading as Iceworld Olympic Ice Rinks. These conditions of entry draw inspiration from our Values to be Safe, Fun, Honest, Kind, and Bold.  

Conditions of Entry

Assumption of Risk
  1. Ice skating, or any activity conducted on an ice-skating rink, is a dangerous activity, involving a significant degree of physical exertion and skill, and is undertaken at the Skater’s own risk.
  2. Ice-skating, the use of the ice-skating rink and the use of ice skates are subject to risks. These include death, serious head, hand, wrist, knee and ankle injuries and lacerations. If you have a pre-existing medical condition, it is important that you seek medical advice before participating in this activity.
  3. Ice Skating is not recommended for pregnant women, any person with a heart condition or any person with an existing injury.
  4. It is the responsibility of all Skaters to always maintain control of their speed and direction whilst on the ice, and to skate within their own skill, fitness, and ability limitations.
  5. Minors must always be supervised by an Adult. If that Adult chooses not to skate with the Minor, they assume the additional risk to the Minor and will be held responsible for the actions of the Minor.
  6. Each Patron is responsible for their own safety, and the safety of any Minor under their supervision. Ice Skating Queensland is not responsible for any loss, death or injury that may occur.
  7. It is recommended that young Skaters wear a well-fitted bike, ice hockey or ski helmet.
  8. Ice rinks are very cold environments, with air temperatures as low as 4 degrees Celsius, and Patrons enter at their own risk.
  9. Each Patron agrees to pay the cost of and authorizes Ice Skating Queensland to take all reasonable steps to ensure the protection of the Patron’s welfare in the event of personal injury, including but not limited to the administration of First Aid treatment, calling emergency services and, if provided, calling the Patron’s emergency contact.
  10. In the unlikely event of a concussion or suspected concussion, please immediately exit the ice rink and present to staff so a trained First Aid officer may assess you.
  11. In the unlikely event of an accident or injury, please present to staff so a trained First Aid officer may assess you.
  12. Ice Skating Queensland takes no responsibility for personal belongings, including the safety of privately owned skates.
General Obligations
  1. All Skaters entering the ice rink must be wearing appropriate clothing and ice skates, excluding speed skates due to the additional risks posed by the long blades.
  2. All Patrons wearing ice skates are only permitted on the ground level of any Iceworld venue.
  3. Skaters may only enter the ice rink as and when instructed by staff. All Patrons are prohibited from entering the ice rink when the ice cutting machine is on or partially on the ice surface.
  4. All Skaters must exit the ice rink as and when instructed by staff. Delays to exiting the rink reduce ice time.
  5. All Patrons are required to read and abide by all posted signage and kindly cooperate with Iceworld staff’s instructions and requests.
  6. External food or drink is not permitted inside Iceworld venues. Patrons are encouraged to bring reusable water bottles and utilise filtered water fountains available at our venues.
  7. Rental Skates are the property of Iceworld Olympic Ice Rinks and must be returned at the conclusion of the session or lesson.
  8. Skater aids (e.g., Penguins) are the property of Iceworld Olympic Ice Rinks and must be returned at the conclusion of the session.
  9. Skaters, or the Adult supervising a Minor, are responsible for ensuring the secure fit and fastening of rental skates.
Restricted Activities and Prohibited Behaviour
  1. The consumption of alcohol on the ice and entering the ice rink under the influence of drugs or alcohol are strictly prohibited. The consumption of alcohol is strictly limited to designated licensed areas only.
  2. In accordance with Queensland’s smoking laws, Iceworld Olympic Ice Rinks are strictly no-smoking venues. Under the Tobacco and Other Smoking Products Act 1998, electronic cigarettes (regardless of whether they contain nicotine or not) and related products are smoking products and therefore, are not permitted.
  3. Ice Skating Queensland is a regulated organisation under Queensland’s Child Protection laws. As such, filming or photographing any minor, without the express permission of the parents or legal guardians of the child, is prohibited.
  4. Ice Skating Queensland is a regulated organisation under Queensland’s Child Protection laws. As such, any state of undress is prohibited outside of the designated changerooms or toilets.
  5. To preserve the cleanliness and safety of the ice surface, absolutely no food or drink is permitted on the ice. This includes chewing gum, lollies, hot drinks, and water bottles.
  6. No equipment is permitted on the ice, except for skater-aids as supplied by Iceworld Olympic Ice Rinks and wheelchairs within designated sessions.
  7. Noise-cancelling headphones are not permitted to be worn by any Skater.
  8. Ice Skating Queensland reserves the right to refuse entry or remove from their premises any individual who is participating in the above restricted activities or prohibited behaviour. Repeated offences by an individual may lead to Ice Skating Queensland to suspend or prohibit their access to any Ice Skating Queensland premises, programs or events.
Terms of Payment
  1. All Skaters must have paid in full the relevant fee upon entry to any Iceworld Olympic Ice Rink venue.
  2. By purchasing any entry or lesson offered at an Iceworld Olympic Ice Rink, you are deemed to have agreed to Conditions of Entry with Ice Skating Queensland Inc., trading as Iceworld Olympic Ice Rinks.
  3. All bookings and payments upon entry of the venue are non-refundable and Iceworld Olympic Ice Rink is not required to provide a refund, credit, or transfer if you change your mind. Please refer to the Australian Consumer Law for future information.
  4. Online bookings for General Sessions, including group bookings, may be rescheduled if requested in writing with at least 24-hrs notice by emailing [email protected].
  5. Refunds, repairs, and replacements will be offered in accordance with Australian Consumer Law.
  6. Our goods and services come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. In the event of major failures with the service, you may be entitled to:
    1. Cancellation of your agreement when purchasing entry tickets.
    2. To a refund for the unused portion, or to compensation for its reduced value.
    3. You are also entitled to choose a refund or a replacement for major failure with goods. If the goods and/or services provided does not amount to major failure, you are entitled to have the failure rectified within a reasonable period.
  7. The Australian Consumer Law provides a set of consumer guarantees which protect all customers when they buy products/services. If the Australian Consumer Law applies, then we cannot avoid the Consumer Guarantees which it provides. In the event of inconsistency between this policy and the Australian Consumer Law, the latter will prevail.
Collection of Data & Your Privacy
  1. Ice Skating Queensland is committed to ensuring your privacy, and promoting a culture of safety, honesty, and integrity.
  2. Ice Skating Queensland reserves the right to collect personal or sensitive information but shall only collect information that is reasonably necessary for or directly related to the delivery of its programs or obligations. Ice Skating Queensland will undertake every effort to ensure that the collection of this information is as unobtrusive as possible and will advise, wherever required, the purpose of the information collected.
  3. Ice Skating Queensland takes all reasonable steps to protect the personal information we hold from misuse, loss, unauthorised access, modification, or disclosure. While we undertake due diligence with respect to third party service providers, Ice Skating Queensland is not responsible for data breaches or misuses related to third party service providers.
Aussie™ Skate School
  1. Registration must be completed by an adult and via the online booking system as supplied by Ice Skating Queensland. Adults registering a Minor must be the legal parent or guardian of the Minor.
  2. All registrations require immediate payment to secure the place in the selected lesson. Payment may be in the form of a valid Fair Play Voucher in the name of the Skater being registered.
  3. Places secured in Aussie™ Skate School lessons are non-transferable.
  4. Aussie™ Skate School lessons are offered on a first come, first served basis until each individual class reaches its capacity. Ice Skating Queensland reserves the right to offer existing customers exclusive pre-sale access. Class sizes vary by Test level and will be maintained to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for all Skaters.
  5. If you miss out on registering in your desired lesson, you will be offered the opportunity to join a wait list. When a space becomes available in your desired lesson, spaces will be offered in order of joining the wait list with a 24-hr window to accept that available space.
  6. Aussie™ Skate School prices include free hire of Iceworld rental skates for each lesson. This includes a limited stock of hockey skates. No discounts are available to Skaters that wish to use their own skates. Skaters are to return rental skates at the conclusion of each lesson.
  7. New skaters should register in the Test level that best describes their current abilities. Please refer to to determine the most appropriate level. Returning Skaters should register in the Test level immediately above their most recent Aussie Skate™ badge.
  8. If a Skater is deemed to have registered in the wrong level, and there are no vacancies in the correct level at a time and venue convenient to the Skater, credit will be provided.
  9. Missed lessons: please ensure that you are available to attend all the lessons on your selected day as no refunds will be given for missed lessons. Make-up vouchers may be issued for missed lessons due to unforeseen circumstances. Make-up vouchers will only be provided after the missed lesson.
  10. Late enrolments: there are no discounts for late enrolments, but make-up vouchers may be issued upon request. Late enrolments will not be accepted after the first two lessons unless the Skater is a returning Skate School customer and has completed Aussie Skate™ Test 2.
  11. Make-up Vouchers are only redeemable in lessons with vacancies. We will not permit any make-up vouchers to be redeemed in lessons at capacity. Make-up vouchers are non-transferable.
  12. Skaters enrolled in Ice Hockey Skills are encouraged to wear hockey padding and bring their own hockey stick, but it is not a requirement.
  13. Refunds will only be given if requested prior to the commencement of the Term or block of lessons registered in, or due to medical reasons including injury or illness with a supporting medical certificate. Refunds may be prorated based on the number of lessons the Skater will subsequently miss.
Figure Skating Sessions
  1. Figure Sessions are only available to Skaters that hold current ISQ Membership or are receiving a private lesson with an APSA Accredited Coach that has received written approval to operate at Iceworld Olympic Ice Rinks.
  2. Figure Sessions may be further restricted to Skaters who have achieved a minimum Test level.
  3. The Skater, or their legal parent or guardian if the Skater is a Minor, acknowledges that the Accredited Coach is a private operator and Ice Skating Queensland is not responsible for the terms and conditions the private operator imposes.
  4. During Figure Sessions the only equipment permitted on the ice is a fixed or free harness being operated by an Accredited Coach who holds current Harness Qualifications as recorded by the Australian Professional Skaters’ Association.
  5. Skaters wishing to practice their program with music must wear a high-vis vest and only at this time. All other Skaters must give way to a Skater wearing a high-vis vest.
  6. Ice Skating Queensland is a regulated organisation under Queensland’s Child Protection laws. As such, all lyrical music played must be suitable for Minors.
  7. When preparing for a jump or spin, the Skater is responsible for ensuring that it is safe to do so, that they are sufficiently clear of other Skaters to safety attempt the jump or spin.
  8. Keep the ice free: Skaters taking a break or in dialogue with their coach are encouraged to exit the ice rink or stand next to the barriers.
Ice Sports Hire
  1. Private, exclusive ice hire is only available to legal organisations that hold a current Certificate of Currency and assume all risks associated with their on-ice activities and take responsibility for all Patrons associated with their activities, whether on the ice or not.
  2. All private hire for exclusive use of Iceworld Olympic Ice Rinks transfers the risk of the activity to the organiser, sport club or other legal organisation.
  3. Changerooms are included in exclusive ice hire and are the only location Patrons are permitted to be in a state of undress.
  4. Skaters may consume cold or room temperature water at the barrier and store a personal water bottle on backside of the barriers. Absolutely no flavourings, electrolytes or carbonation is permitted in the water.
  5. Curlers, Para-Hockey Players, and Para-Hockey Coaches are exempt from wearing ice skates on the ice but must be utilising the sport-specific alternative to ice skates while on the ice.
  6. Any speed skating hire must comply with Training (Reference 5.2) or Racing (Reference 2) safety standards as instructed by the Australian Short Track Rules, as amended from time to time.
  7. Ice hockey goals and sticks are only permitted on the ice during designated, private sessions, and pucks are only permitted on the ice once the nets are completely fastened.

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What others are saying about IceWorld

I took 2 teenage girls to Iceworld recently and we all had a wonderful time. I’m 48 years old and haven’t ice skated for years and even I had a go. The lady at the front desk was very helpful and the food in the shop was good too and the supervisors on the ice were very good at helping kids and adults to get back in their feet when they fell over. I love the little Penguins for hire for the little kids. Very cute! All in all a great day out!

I couldn’t ask for a more efficient service. A big Thankyou to the staff who helped get my daughters skates so quickly and fitted to perfection. I have one happy girl again. Due to a very quick growth spurt from my daughter, time of the ice due to injury, new skates were needed quickly and you guys delivered!! She loves them!

We come weekly to bring my son (8 years old) skating and every week, regardless of when we come, the staff are always fantastic! He has an absolute ball and has a real passion for skating. Thank you to all the staff who take the time to talk to him, give him pointers or even just let him skate around the rink with them. I’ve never seen him so passionate about a sport or activity. Keep up the fantastic work and please pass our thanks on to all the staff.
Amazing and outstanding service, I had my sons bday accidentally booked it at Boondall and I didn’t realise. They accommodated us at last minute to make our sons day. Thank you to all the staff!
We had our daughters birthday at Ice World today and it was fabulous. They took a lot of care of each of the participants, including 2 little ones. We would highly recommend it and will be back again soon.
The fact is that from the time you walk into the rink time you go home the staff look after you and your kids always willing to help smiling face great atmosphere great place and after 27 years it hasn’t changed still feels like going home thank you guys for a wonderful night this time with my kids and grandkids
The staff were great last week with helping my 4 and 7 year old grandsons fit their skates. Their second time. The 4yo loved the penguin and felt so proud. This week my 13 and 15 year old grandkids, also their second time, improved out of sight. Hot chips were so yummy!
One of the best places to go to! Staff there are so good and always willing to help, very friendly and I can’t recommend this place any more! I will definitely be returning in the near future!
We had amazing 10th Birthday at Iceworld yesterday. I emailed the manager during the week to ask if my daughter and husband could have the ice for themselves for a father and daughter dance, they allowed us this with out question. Thank you. You all turned a sad time of lives into a special memory. We are forever grateful.
I love this place.. Lovely staff and love the ice. After being in Toronto at Christmas I remembered how much I love to skate even though I’m not very good.. It’s awesome to watch all the really good regulars! I hope one day I can be that awesome. So so grateful for Boondall IceWorld in sunny, hot Brisbane. Keep up the good work guys.

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